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Radon Testing 

There is MORE to radon testing than simply dropping off a radon monitor in a house, leaving it for a few days and then retrieving it and printing out the results.  With minimal training on device set-up, you could easily recruit/pay a high school student to do your testing if "low price" is your main concern.  However, test measurement protocols were developed by the EPA to ensure that the radon test results generated are accurate.  Some states require "licensing" to perform radon testing,  South Carolina isn't yet one of them!  So this begs the question, how can you know if your radon test results are accurate?  The individuals performing testing should have "demonstrated their knowledge/proficiency" of all EPA test measurement protocols by passing a proficiency exam.  Simply being a "home inspector" doesn't pass muster! If they "charge" for conducting radon testing services, isn't it fair to their clients to provide documentation of their competence in testing?   If you can't get a "warranty" on a home inspection, do you think you can get assurances on the accuracy of your radon test?  If one of our certified technicians handles your test for a real estate transaction, we'll validate its integrity and provide a limited 1 year warranty on our results!  Contact us for more information on this!

All individuals with Radon Solutions performing radon testing and providing "certified" test results" are certified through the National Radon Proficiency Program, (NRPP). This requires the passing of a rigorous 3- hour examination on EPA testing protocols.  Certified individuals must also meet "ongoing" continuing education requirements in order to "maintain" their certification.  Passing an exam to become certified is only the first step.  Each test deployment presents the tester with unique circumstances and conditions that MUST be "interpreted" in light of EPA protocols and procedures.  Failing to do so can erroneously affect the results. This might cause the seller of a home to be forced to install a mitigation system because the levels came back "slightly high".  Whereas the buyer of a home wants assurances that there was no "test tampering" that caused the levels to come back "slightly low".  There IS no "legal requirement" for what the radon levels should be at.  There is also no "number" that has been determined to be "safe".  There is an associated risk with every level, just as there is with "cigarettes.  The MORE you smoke, the higher your risk.  With radon, its the level you are exposed to and for how many years?   That's why its prudent to use a company that individuals that have not only done over 3,000 tests but ALSO has worked with over 2,000 homes and has known how to successfully fix them when elevated levels occur!  One call to us can put that sort of "advantage" in your corner!    864-907-7616

We provide "peace of mind" that you are taken care of!