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What do you get when you select Radon Solutions as your radon services contractor?

"On-site expertise" that is second to none! 

We've been on our own for 17 years and working with radon since 1993. Our "master mitigator" has personally worked on over 1000 installations to date and has performed over 2,000 radon tests. We're full time in the radon business! We don't dabble "part-time" in "home inspections", "pest control", "mold abatement", "handy-man services" or "home building". You can only be "full-time" in ONE thing...and for us its "radon"!

Every house we are called to is inspected by one of our certified mitigators who are knowledgeable about all the proper EPA installation standards that must be used on your house and is capable of creating a "system design" that is not only cost affordable but takes into consideration the future "look" of your system! (Who wants to live with a "behemoth"?)."

One of our certified mitigators will also be "on-site" during your installation in case problems arise. Your work is too important to entrust to "uncertified sub-contractors" who work while the "boss" is back at the office or off doing "more important things".

We have to SEE your home to give you a system proposal. Certainly you would not trust a plumber, roofer, or electrician who gave you a price over the phone without first seeing your house and knowing what they are up against!  This is a requirement by EPA "Radon Mitigation Standards". 

Both the EPA and SC-DHEC say that if you are given a price over the phone to disregard it! If a contractor gives you a phone quote, "how" does he know what conditions exist at your house? What materials are needed? What potential "issues" there may be? and last, What system design is best for your house? If your potential radon contractor wants to give you a price over the phone, that's the same place you'll be "haggling" with him about "issues" when they arise after the system is installed!


We provide a limited lifetime performance guarantee which is transferable for the life of the home. We guarantee that the post system radon level will be less than 3.5 picocuries. If a test later comes back higher, we will return promptly to correct the problem. If you are a real estate agent, your clients can rest assured that we will respond to every service call in a prompt, professional manner and resolve the problem to their satisfaction.


Radon Solutions realizes that "deadlines" are crucial in the Real Estate Industry. We are committed to do everything in our power to help you meet your closing dates. We don't "cut corners". Some aspects of our work have required time periods to meet EPA protocols. However, we are committed to do everything in our power to help meet your closing deadlines. Understand also that once you sign a mitigation system contract with us we are agreeing to "fix" the radon problem for an agreed on amount of money and NO more! (a not-to-exceed price). Therefore, you can rest assured that whether the installation is performed BEFORE your closing or AFTER it, we are legally bound to fix the radon problem in your home (or we'll keep coming back at OUR expense until it is!).


Everyone wants to get the lowest price on everything - especially disgruntled home sellers who are forced into fixing high radon levels to sell their home. However, a low price means nothing if you don't get to closing because the buyers inspect the mitigation system during the final walk-through and are dissatisfied with the way the system looks (or if it isn't even fixed at all!).

The "least expensive price" is very rarely the best value. (nobody asks why a Cadillac isn't the same price as a Hyundai) In getting a lower price, you are usually giving something up. In radon mitigation, this may mean inferior materials, weaker fans, unattractive appearance, being underinsured, using cheaper labor, or falsifying post mitigation test results to ensure there are no service calls.

Problems on the job may kill a deal. And falsified re-test results may mean a lawsuit in a few years when today's homeowner decides to sell and finds and their "prospective buyer" orders a radon test and discovers a house was never really fixed!

Quote: "The bitterness of 'poor quality' is remembered long after the sweetness of a 'low price' is forgotten!"

Cosmetic & Aesthetics

Radon systems are not designed to beautify a home, but Radon Solutions gives great consideration to the outside appearance of every home, as well as the future utilization of space. We take great pride in designing radon systems that have a little cosmetic burden as possible!


We carry $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance and we are happy to provide documentation of that fact upon request. If problems arise, without proper insurance, a claim will not be paid. Make SURE your contractor has it or run the other way!

Post Mitigation Follow Up Testing

Upon completion of our installation, we recommend follow-up testing to validate that the system is "performing" as designed. We are happy to provide this service using a "high count" continous radon monitor. When the test terminates, the results can be printed out on the spot in view of the client.

Occasionally, we have clients who want to have their own "independent" testing done (that they pay for).  We are happy to have the success of our installation to be validated by an outside source. Our only request is that the individual who does the test be "certified" to conduct radon testing using continuous radon monitors like we do!

Continuous Monitor Testing

Because of the "potential" for "testing tampering", Radon Solutions ONLY uses continuous radon monitors for real estate tranactions (or upon request) because we believe this to be the BEST means of "professional due diligence". The only people who deploy these monitors are those individuals who are "certified" in radon test measurement AND have passed "device proficiency tests" to validate that we KNOW how to operate them correctly and obtain accurate results. NEHA requires that IF you are operating continuous monitors you must be "device proficient" (listed as providing "Standard and Analytical" services). We also ONLY use electronic, continuous monitors (with self-contained lithium batteries) for real estate transactions because they are:

  • Accurate - (Recording a radon sample every hour)
  • Quick- The results are available ON THE SPOT after test termination!
  • Tamper-resistant - They detect changes in position, temperature, humitdy and barometric pressure. Things which indicate that the monitor was moved or that windows were opened in an effort to try to influence the test results.
  • Does not require power to operate.  If a "power surge" happens during a test performed by an AC current based monitor, its quite possible you will have to re-start the test because there is no way of knowing if the monitor was "intentionally unplugged" or "momentarily" encountered a surge.

In some special cases (and based on our professional judgment), we make elect to use "anti-tamper strips" on key doors and windows. When you try to remove them they "disintegrate". Arriving at a house with such a situation would give credence to the fact that the test had been "compromised" and may require it to be "re-done".


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