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Benefits in using us

If you needed heart surgery, would you turn to the Yellow Pages and pick the 1st guy you ran across?  For all you know, he might be right out of medical school.  If you're like most people, you would want someone who's done your type of surgery 1000 times!  He's seen it all!  He knows how to react when "problem situations" arise. He might not be the cheapest, but his experience puts him at the top of his field!  

Radon system installations are much the same! It's not "cookie-cutter" work.  Every house is different!  Like our bodies, each house has its own unique layout and characteristics.  You want someone who can not only fix your radon problem, but a company who can also do it cost-effectively and with the least cosmetic burden on your house.
- Someone who is intimately knowledgeable of all EPA protocols and procedures.  
- A "certified" professional who is not only the one who comes to inspect your house and provide a cost proposal for mitigation, but also the certified guy who will show UP at your house to perform and/or manage the installation.  

Regrettably, there are now companies that will provide system installation quotes over an 800 number (from out of state).  They ask you a couple of questions about your house and then tell you they'll send their proposal to you by e-mail.  They never come to your house until you sign a contract!  If you have questions, you have to hold them till they get there. They won't tell you the "name" of the individual(s) who will do your work or IF they are even "certified" (or be willing to provide documentation of their certification!). If you think getting answers from them BEFORE your job is hard, wait till you have concerns AFTER the installation!

At Radon Solutions over the past 17 years, we’ve never had a radon problem at a house that we couldn’t fix!  Our "certified" mitigators inspect all the houses we are called to and are also “on-site” during the installation in case problems arise!  We take great pride in our expertise of radon and on our focus on customer service.  We are not perfect but will go the 2nd mile to resolve any problems that arise!


Here are the TOP 20 Reasons to use Radon Solutions (SC).

  1. We’re “experts” at radon! Radon is all we do! (We don’t work part-time doing home inspections, mold abatement, environmental services, remodeling, building or pest control. You can only be "full-time" in one discipline. Radon is ours!
  2. We’ve worked with over 1000 radon systems across the SC upstate.
  3. We’ve conducted over 2,000 radon tests for real estate transactions.
  4. Radon testing is performed by staff that are “certified” to conduct radon test measurement and test interpretation. Our system installations are performed by and/or managed "on-site" by individuals that are certified to design/install radon mitigation systems that work properly!  Your work is to important to entrust it to uncertified “subcontractors”! (We can also provide printed “documentation” of both of our certifications upon request!). If you don't use us, at least make sure that the installers that actually DO your work are "certified" and totally knowledgeable of EPA mitigation installation standards.  If your work isnt important enough to for the "certified" guy to be there to oversee it then you are hiring the wrong company!
  5. We perform all our work in accordance with EPA recommendations for Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation.
  6. All work is covered by $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance.
  7. All of the radon mitigation systems we install are guaranteed to successfully reduce existing radon levels to 3.5 picocuries or below.  Most contractors agree to the EPA recommended action level of 4 picocuries.  
  8. We can provide names and telephone numbers of satisfied customers upon request (as well has hundreds of pictures of our work).
  9. The systems we install are designed to require the least amount of cosmetic changes within or outside the house.
  10. The systems we install are sized not only to lower the radon levels but to do so in the most cost effective manner!  (Too little fan/system may cause the fan to burn out prematurely. Too much fan will incur greater monthly electrical costs).
  11. We perform diagnostic testing on homes with concrete slabs floors/basement floors to make sure that we are selecting the best velocity fan for the job.
  12. All electrical wiring in house electrical panels is performed in accordance with international electrical codes.
  13. We have several payment plans to meet our client's unique situations.
  14. Our systems can be promptly scheduled to meet our client's unique closing requirements.
  15. As our client, you can have "peace of mind" that everything will be performed with the highest degree of professionalism and attention to detail.
  16. We take the same pride in our work as though we were working on our own homes!
  17. Any recommendations we make to you will either save you money, space or increase the effectiveness of your system (to bring the levels lower)
  18. All radon mitigation fans come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty from date of installation.
  19. We guarantee the radon testing we perform for real estate transactions to be accurate (or we will FIX it!). 
  20. We work hard for your satisfaction so you wil want to tell others about us!

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