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In any discipline, you use individuals to provide the respective services you need.  You generally "assume" that someone who is charging for such services to be "qualified" to offer them. Typically to do so these individuals are either "state licensed" or "certified".  To check "licensing credentials" in South Carolina, you simply need to go to the Labor and Licensing website.

Regarding radon services, twelve states currently require a "state license" to offer radon services (radon testing or radon mitigation services). It can't come "fast enough" in South Carolina!  However, "the administration of the program" will first have to be voted on and "funded" by the SC legislature. Oddly, you have to currently be licensed to do "massage therapy", "cosmetology"  or to be a "funeral home director".  Until the legislature takes action to act in the best "health interest" of South Carolina residents, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control encourages consumers to use individuals who are "nationally certified". To become certified, an individual has taken required classroom training and has passed a (3hr) proficiency exam in either radon test measurement (and test interpretation) AND/OR in radon system design and installation.

Being "certified" to perform "radon testing" means you have shown you are knowledgeable of all the proper EPA testing protocols to ensure that a valid test has been obtained. It also means that you are "qualified" to "interpret" the results that are obtained and determine whether or not they are "valid".  Simply "placing a couple of test kits in home", coming back in several days to pick them up and sending them off to a lab for analysis and then getting a "test result" by fax or email to forward to a homeowner is NOT proper "due diligence" (especially for real estate transactions!).  Any "high school student" could do THAT for you!  Furthermore, to use a "continuous monitor" to test for radon requires that your device has had a "device performance test" performed AND that you can provide a "current" calibration report to demonstrate its accuracy. (Some home inspectors have been using the same monitor for "years" without doing anything!).  Ultimately what you want is someone who can provide "trustworthy data" that you can use to make sound financial (and health) decisions with!   A home purchase is probably one of the BIGGEST purchases most people make in their lifetime.  Do you want to entrust the "integrity" of that decision to someone isn't "qualifed" to provide it?  As they say..."Caveat Emptor"...."Let the Buyer Beware!"

Being "certified" to perform "radon mitigation system design and installation" means you are knowledgeable of all the EPA recommended mitigation installation "standards" and agree to adhere to them. Radon mitigation system work is NOT a "cookie cutter" installation activity.  Every house is different with its own "unique" characteristics just like "individuals who shop for clothes in a store".  With each home, a system must be designed that creates the proper "negative pressure" to effectively lower the radon levels but to also do so "cost effectively and so that "cosmetics" are not greatly impacted in the house. 

Certified mitigators on every house have to make individual decisions about:
1) What system choice will best be suited for the house in question? 
2) The number of pipes that will be required to fix the problem?
3) The strength or "air velocity" of the fan to be used? ("Not enough fan" may not effectively reduce the levels or cause the fan to burn out prematurely because it becomes overheated) ("Too much fan" means higher electrical bills to operate it).
4) The location of each pipe?
5) If more than one pipe is required, HOW will they be merged together to avoid having to use multiple fans (systems)?
6) Can the pipe be discreetly installed or will it need to be "boxed in"?  (This adds additional expense to the system).
7)  Where will electrical power be supplied from to power the fan?

Once an individual becomes certified, the more radon tests they perform and/or the more radon systems they install, the more "experienced" they are to know all the little "nuances" that occasionally "pop up" and that can greatly affect the "test results obtained" or that can impact the final mitigation system installed at a given house!  

Note: An EXPERIENCED heart surgeon is usually more desirable than a "newly licensed" surgeon just out of medical school!  Would you accept a "lower price" from the new guy to do your surgery? Or would you prefer someone who had done the required surgery a 1000 times?  Radon testing and system installation are no different!  Our certified "master mitigator" has personally installed more systems in South Carolina than any one individual in the business!   Call the best!  Call the radon expert!  Call Radon Solutions!

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