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Choosing the right contractor can be confusing and time consuming.  If you are selling your home, there is typically a lot of pressure to find someone who will do the job quickly and effectively "fix" your radon problem.  Let the professional staff at Radon Solutions help you sort out your options.

Having an experienced, certified professional on site!
The successful installation of a radon abatement system in your home requires an intimate working knowledge of all EPA mitigation system nstallation protocols.  We've been in business since 1999 and our principal has worked with radon since 1993.  We've worked with radon on close to a 1,000 homes and have NEVER had a house that we couldnt fix!

To do this means that the person who "inspects" your house for potential mitigation needs to be "certified" and needs to have an intimate working knowledge of radon testing as well as installing a radon system.  Working on radon "part-time" while doing other disciplines or even having a "background" in engineering or building doesnt translate into "hands-on experience" in fixing radon problems.  No one in South Carolina has done that more than us!  

Furthermore, the individuals who actually install your radon system need to be "certified" and/or managed "on-site" by someone who is!  Some companies operate by having the owner or manager as the only one who has received "certified" training.  What good is it to have the "boss" back at office? Your work is too important to entrust to uncertified "sub-contractors". The certified guy needs to be "on-site" during the installation in case problems arise so they can be dealt with quickly. Letting subcontractors making "system installation decisions" opens you up for potential liabilities.  Also, aside from the guy who installs your system needing to provide PROOF of his certification, he should also willingly provide a "certificate of insurance" to validate that they have "General liability coverage".  Don't take their "word" for it! General liability insurance coverage is necessary in case something happens during your installation, (God forbid), that requires something be "fixed". 

At Radon Solutions, we are proud that every one of our technicians is nationally certified. We are unique also in that our installers can design a system, give you a comprehensive estimate, and often install the system the next day.  This is especially helpful for the homeowner that does not have time for making several appointments.

We are "full time" in the radon business!  We don't do home inspections, pest control services, mold abatement, home improvements, engineering or home building.  You can only be "full time" at one thing and for us, its "radon"!  No other company in our state has the "depth of experience" in working with radon.  There might be companies who come along who want to do it "cheaper".  But "no one does it better!"  We don't just "specialize" in radon, our years of experience make us the "Radon Experts".  That's why we chose the name for our company!  We want to provide trustworthy "solutions" to your radon problems! 

Radon Mitigation Standards (RMS):
The EPA set up a series of standards and protocols to ensure every home is effectively and safely mitigated. The radon contractor you choose should agree to follow and should be able to explain these standards to you during your consultation. This will ensure you have a legal basis for resolving improper installation techniques. Radon Solutions follows the EPA’s radon mitigation standards.  Your home is our #1 priority!

If everyone follows the Radon Mitigation Standards, then shouldn’t "price" be my only consideration?

No!  If you are concerned about an effective, properly installed, durable, and aesthetically pleasing installation, then price shouldnt be your foremost concern. One contractor may cut corners in materials and routing in contrast to what a more conscientious contractor (who has YOUR best interest at heart) might do. Some companies, you won’t see again after the installation. Make sure you choose a company with a proven track record and glowing references.

Radon Solutions is proud to be a company that truly is concerned with the health of your family. The principal of our company lost a family member to lung cancer and desires that no one else should have to go through that experience given the opportunity to take steps to minimize its possibility. That’s why we provide public awareness education, conduct Realtor education meetings, and more importantly, we are there for your post mitigation needs and questions. We often are called to repair and/or replace systems that other companies installed.

Are they members of national professional groups like NEHA-NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program) or AARST (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians)? 


Transferable Guarantee
Does the company provide a transferable warranty certificate that safeguards the occupants of the home even if ownership changes after installation? Radon Solutions does!

How quickly can the company resolve your radon issues?  Companies out of the area have a hard time mobilizing. Radon Solutions has the fastest response time in the area.

Hidden Fees
Is their price a "one price only” estimate or do they have hidden conditions if they have to come back and do more work to reduce your radon levels?  With Radon Solutions, there are no hidden fees. We’ll let you know up front what to expect!

Most experienced, respectable companies will usually quote within $100-$200 of each other. If you get an extremely low price beware. The old saying is so true...."You get what you pay for!”

Radon Solutions is always concerned with providing you the most cost-effective system and our prices reflect that.  However, you will always find some company who can do the job "cheaper"!  Ask yourself what "corners" are they cutting to do this?  When you compare "apples to apples" you will frequently find the differences. A mitigation proposal should detail everything that is to be performed on a job and simply CAN NOT do so in a "paragraph or two" like some contractors use. If something that is to be done isnt "spelled out in writing", you open yourself up for potential legal liabilities. The "mitigation proposal" you approve is essentially a "legal contract" between you and your contractor.  We are happy to explain (in detail) everything we intend to do and WHY we are going do it!


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