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I began my involvement in 1993 with radon in 1993 at Spero Coporation, (at the time an environmental consulting firm in upstate SC).  In addition to a wide variety of environmental services, we also provided radon testing and radon mitigation system installations. An engineer with our company was the first individual in South Carolina to be "certified" under what was then the "Radon Proficiency Program" operated by the EPA.  Under his instruction, I learned first-hand how to properly test for radon using EPA testing protocols and watched observantly as radon systems were installed in upstate homes.  

After several years with the company I got my own respective testing and mitigation system installation certifications.  In 1999, the company, (then a full-service engineering firm), made a decision to make engineering services to commercial clients their main focus. Seeing an opportuntiy to step in provide needed services to homeowners in the residential real estate market in the upstate, I started Radon Solutions.

Becoming "certified" in radon testing or radon mitigation is not simply a "one time thing".  Our certifying organization requires that we meet ongoing continuing education requirements.  To be certified in "radon testing" and "radon system installation, I am required to complete 32 continuing-ed credit hours every 2 years! I have personally attended and completed numerous advanced radon classes throughout my career.  I also became a "Train-the-Speaker" representative who can provide insightful talks and "multi-media presentations" on radon to area businesses, schools, churchs and community home owner associations.

I have been affliated with AARST (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians)  since 2007.  I have attended National AARST meetings in Kansas City, Jacksonville and Las Vegas to further my knowledge of radon and to obtain professional insights from associates in the field regarding the best technologies and procedures to deal with it

After almost 15 years working with radon and trying to educate upstate residents about radon and its potential health risks, I became a "first hand observer" of the effects of lung cancer when my mother was diagnosed in November of 2006 with Stage 4, small cell carcinoma.  Soon after she began her initial chemo theraphy treatments, I began thinking about my childhood growing up in the Greenville area.  Mom had been a periodic smoker as a school teacher, but I also knew from my radon training that risks from smoking could be "multiplied" up to 10 TIMES worse in homes IF they also had elevated levels of radon in them!  Consequently, I paid a visit to the house that I lived in for over 13 years before my graduation from high school.  I told the current homeowner that my mother had recently been diagonosed with lung cancer and that I somewhat felt a "moral responsiblity" to tell them they might be living with a potential health concern!  Furthermore, as a certified test professional, I offered to provide FREE electronic testing equipment in their home for several days.  The homeowner agreed and the test monitor was deployed for three days. The results came back over "8 picocuries" (which is TWICE the EPA recommended action level for radon!).  With cigarette smoke in our house this essentially means we were living in a house with an indoor level of as much as "80 picocuries".  Aside from my mother, I also have exposure from MY time living in the house (from age 5 to 18).  However,just as someone who stops smoking cannot change what has been encountered to that point, I also I can do about my exposure now. The best thing I can do is to educate as many people as I can about radon and its associated health risks and encourage them to get their homes tested.  If elevated levels are found I can assist them in taking steps to make sure that the problem goes away "permanently" and in the most cost effective maner!  Only then can they have true "peace of mind" for themselves and their family!

I personally consider it to be a "privilege" to assist you in this end!  If you choose to call us, I will take personal responsiblity for making sure that your system is installed properly and that your family is "safe" to the best of my ability!


Stan Plowden

* Certified for Radon Residential Test Measurement
(Standard and Analytical Services) 
(NEHA) 101840RT

* Certified to Design and Install Radon Mitigation Systems
(NEHA) 103135RMT


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