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I am SO glad we found you!   You saved the day in fixing our radon problem so our house could sell!
Tom Anderson - Pickens, SC


We had several companies come look at our house.  However, I appreciated the time you took to explain my "options" to me in a way I could understand.  I could tell that your years in the business gave you a unique perspective in knowing what would work best for MY house!
Regina Peters - Greer, SC


Stan, words can't express my satisfaction with your assistance in fixing the radon problem for my client in Cleveland Forest.  At my recommendation they had engaged another company whose post system installation levels came up "high".  When I called you "in a panic" seeking "alternatives", you graciously offered to come take a look at the house and to offer input about what could be done to successfully lower the levels. Your recommendations about what to do were "right on" when the corrective action you took fixed the problem on the first try and we obtained the test results just in time for the closing.  You'll be on my "speed dial" in  the future!  Thanks so much!
Joan Herlong - Prudential C. Dan Joyner



I must say that I was quite surprised when instead of submitting a mitigation system proposal for my client's house you recommended that the house be "re-tested" because you said you "had concerns" about whether the proper EPA testing protocols had been followed by the home inspector allowing the radon levels in my client's house to come back slightly "high". The follow-up test you subsequently provided documented that the radon levels in the house were now at 2.7 and showed that my client should not be required to pay for mitigation activity.   Testing for radon is often met with bit of skepticism in the real estate community because results tend to vary so much.  It was refreshing to engage a radon professional that not only had an intimate knowledge of the proper testing procedures to ensure a valid test but who was also willing to "forego" an oportunity to install a system because you felt it was in my clients best interest to recommend a re-test!   Thanks so much!  You've  gained a client for life!

Agent - Prudential C. Dan Joyner


I am so thankful that my real estate agent let me know about you.  The buyer of my home did a radon test and the results came back elevated.  They suggested the name of a company they had talked with about possibly installing a mitigation system.  I thought it might be prudent to get other "quotes" and my agent recommended I call you because you had helped several of her clients in the past.

I was quite surprised after you arrived and briefly inspected my house to learn that we did NOT need a new radon system installed because there was already "radon piping" installed in it (per Greenville County building code). You were able to fix my problem for 1/3 of the cost of the other company who apparently didnt know what they were doing or wanted to "take me for a ride"!

THANK YOU for your integrity and professionalism!  We will be SURE to get our new home tested!  Do you do work in KANSAS?   (haha)

Donna Henry



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