Crawl Space Encapsulation Is Necessary

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"Crawl space encapsulation" has traditionally been done over the years by companies to seal the crawl space and eliminate a moisture/mold problem. A thick, 20 mil plastic is generally placed over the crawl space floor and is run up and sealed against the walls and around all columns, (in varying degrees). These installations will remove the majority of moisture in a crawl space "and make it dry". But that thick plastic comes at a premium. These installs also usually require the purchase of "pricey commercial grade dehumidifiers" to exhaust whatever amount of "moisture vapor" that remains in the air in the crawl space and that themselves cost upwards of $30/mo in electricity. These installed membranes go far in protecting the structural integrity of wood beams in the crawl space and prevent moisture intrusion from the ground.

These membranes are great until a house is later tested for radon and elevated levels are encountered. The membranes are sealed for water, but not for "air" (or radon gas). Therefore, to successfully lower the radon levels, an experienced radon contractor must then be contracted to "retrofit" a radon abatement system into the membrane that will capture the radon gases under the membrane and exhaust them safely outside.

When contracted from the start, we install vapor matting or pipe in a strategic pattern on the floor of the crawlspace. A tear resistant fabric membrane (6 mil, 8-mil, 12, mil and 20 mil) (based on clients wishes) is placed on the vapor matting and piping and is sealed "air tight" around all columns and against all perimeter wall using ram set masonry nails with washers. 4 inch PVC pipe will be secured to the vapor mat and will be directed out the side or back on the home where a high volume Fest Legend fan will be mounted up on it. We will have a pest coupling installed into the end to keep small hands, birds and small animals, snakes or rodents OUT of it. The pipe existing the fan will be directed up the side wall over the eaves OR will be terminated low if the opportunity for re-entrainment is eliminated. Our membrane OVER the vapor mat is not only be secured and sealed to successfully abate radon, but we also capture and remove mold spores, allergens and other particulates so that the overall "indoor air quality" of your home is significantly improved, "forever"! We also provide a moisture ventilation system in conjunction with our system that only costs around $5-$6/mo to operate.

Want to know what is "lurking" in your crawl space? Call Radon Solutions and schedule one of our free estimates and/or radon abatement tests! We provide FREE estimates within a 20 mile radius of Greenville, SC. Any charge we assess to cover our time outside of that we promise to rebate BACK to you if we are engaged to do your installation!