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Since every house is different, the system required for each must frequently be "unique" as well! 

Every house with a radon problem can be fixed.  But there are several things that must be taken into the "system design" other than just "price".

Items such as:

1) How "high" did the radon levels start at?

2) What type of systen (or a combination of two) can be used to successfully lower your radon levels?

3) Where can a system be strategically positioned to effectively lower the levels?

3) What are your "routing options" if "one pipe" is not sufficient to fix the problem?

4) How can a system be installed to have the least "cosmetic" impact?

5) How can a system be designed to minimize "space encroachment"?

6) If having a slab foundation, what sort of medium exists there?  Porous? (large gravel)   Tight? (Sand or worse, clay).

7) Does your home have load bearing walls that could interfere with good air communication under the slab?

8) Does your home have a well?

9) What is an acceptable level of reduction?  (There is NO "legal requirement!).  The EPA "recommends" taking action to lower it if it is above 4 picocuries.  They also recommend "considering taking action" if its between 2 and 4!  (This is because there is no "safe" level of radon.  There is an associated level of risk at EVERY exposure level!)  We guarantee that our systems will provide radon reduction to under 3.5 picocuries!



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