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Radon system installation is not "cookie cutter work".  Every house is different and the "fix" required for each home differs (at least slightly) between homes!  

Occasionally homes have "issues" associated with them that may affect the potential success of a given system as well as the cost to install a system.  You need an individual with the experience necessary to successfully "navigate" around these issues.  Radon contractors don;t have "X-ray vision" when we inspect a home. There are frequently things "unseen" that may become issues during the installation.  As experienced radon professionals in the upstate for 14 years, we have learned how to successfully identify most potential problems BEFORE we begin or so that they are not major set-backs once we get started.

A few of the issues that have at times have come to the forefront for us have been:

- Tight soils mediums when "gravel" was expected

- Electrical wires in the way of where we need to route a pipe

- Plumbing pipes in the way of where we need to route a pipe

- The presence of interior load bearing walls

- Lack of access inside (the doors are locked and key was not left).

- Not enough room for pipes to be routed through.

- A lack of electrical power in a house when we arrive to start our installation

- The lack of water supply if we are using a "wet core drill".

- The lack of a clear work area in which to perform our installation

- The presence of rodents or snakes (dead or alive) in our work area  (usually in a crawl space).

- Concrete footers than are more than 1foot thick (turned down slabs are often as much as 2 feet). This is a concern when system piping is "cored" under the slab from the "outside".

- The known presence of friable asbestos

- Significant mold problems in our immediate work area (either inside a home or in the crawl space). 

- A detectable smell of gas (propane or methane).

Most of these issues can be "planned for in advance" to facilitiate a smooth system installation.  Our 14 years of experience in working with radon has helped us develop a "questionaire" we use  to identify the majority of these "contingencies" during our "site inspection" and to help us determine the "system design" that will be necesasry to best fix your problem with these items in mind.

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