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                  Testing Guarantee

We've conducted several thousand radon tests over the past 15 years.  A large majority of these tests were conducted for real estate transactions.  We are finding that more and more homeowners are choosing to have their homes professionally tested to avoid potential liabilities to their family.

Any person who pays someone to conduct a radon test in their home assumes that the test will be done correctly and will provide them with accurate information that they can use to make wise business decisions (if tentatively buying a home) OR that will help them avoid potential health liabilities for their family.

As certified professionals, we take our work very seriously!  Not only because we had a family member who was a victim of lung cancer but because we believe our customers are entrusting to us "their trust" that our work will be done with a high degree of integrity!

We are so confident of our ability to provide trustworthy radon test results that we pledge that IF we report to you that your radon levels are "low" and you later test your home (within  the first year) and discover that the results come back "high", we will "FIX"* it "free of charge"!

* If this happens we reserve the right to have one of our certified profressionals re-test your home (at no charge) using appropriate EPA testing procedures during the same time of year as the original test. 


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