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               Why Test your home for radon?  (13 reasons)

1) The EPA has determined that long term exposure to radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer (and 1st among non-smokers).

2) More people die in the United States annually from radon than from drownings, fires, airplane crashes and even "drunk driving". (see graph)

3) Your dentist has his/her technician put a "lead vest" on your chest to protect you from the "scatter radiation" caused by the x-ray.  You will get more "radiation" from long term exposure to elevated levels of radon (at only 4 picocuries) than you will get in 500 dental x-rays! 

4) Workers at nuclear power plants are allowed "less radiation" (monthly)  in their jobs than you can get in home with a radon problem.

5) Small children are more at risk from radon because their immune systems are not as developed.

6) If you smoke AND have a problem with radon in your home you are multiplying your risk between 5 and 10 times!

7) Testing your home will help you determine IF you have a problem or not that requires attention.

8) If you end up selling your home, fixing the problem will keep it from affecting the sale!

9) Knowing that your home might have a problem might motivate you to inquire about radon testing at work!

10) Your doctor often does "testing" before he provides a recommendation or treatment. Testing helps him diagnose your problem.  Testing your home for radon is very simple and inexpensive and that YOU can perform!

11) If you are buying a home its prudent to have the home tested PRIOR to signing a contract. (There is normally a due diligence period you can get a certified test professional to do that in).

12) If you are building a home, its important to have it built using "radon resistant" construction techniques but ALSO to get it tested once its complete!

13) You most likely know your "credit score", why not learn your home's "radon score" by getting your home tested to help obtain "peace of mind" about your family's health!