What do you get when you select Radon Solutions as your radon services contractor?

"On-site expertise" that is second to none!"

Our founder has been working with radon since 1993. He is a "Master Mitigator" has personally worked with over 2,000 homes installations and has performed over 3,000 radon tests. You can only be "full-time" in one thing and for us that's radon ! We don't dabble "part-time" in other real estate related services, (home inspections, mold abatement, restoration or home renovations). We have dedicated our focus and energy to be the "experts" in radon testing and mitigation. Every one of our client's homes is inspected by one of our certified mitigators and who is knowledgeable about all the proper EPA installation standards that must be used on your home to generate a quote!

When designing your mitigation system, we are focused on making the system as visually appealing and "non-intrusive" as possible. Some radon companies do not have certified mitigators on site for the work in case problems or questions arise. We don't believe the work should be "managed offsite by phone."

In order to receive a valid system proposal, you need to have a "certified mitigator" see it in person. We know from our experience over 20 years that every house is unique, (even homes that "look similar"). There may be characteristics about your home that could be cosmetically affected if we aren't there in person to see them. Trusting a "worker bee" to inspect your home while the boss is back at the offoce is simply not prudent "installation due diligence". We have enough knowledge to successfully lower the radon levels in any home, but not seeing it prior to installation date could mean that the "look" of your home might be impacted, because we were unaware the "path" that our system piping would take.

We approach giving a quote the same way other licensed professionals do. What plumber or electrician would give you a quote on work without ever having seen it it? Both the EPA and SC-DHEC say that if you are given a price over the phone to disregard it! The fact is a contractor giving you a phone quote demonstrates he does not know what conditions exist at your house, what materials are needed, what potential "issues" there may be, and what system design is "best" for your house. Chances are he will try to renegotiate the work later for more money, skimp on materials, or if he is in "too deep", walk away!


We provide a limited lifetime performance guarantee which is transferable for the life of the home. We guarantee that the post system radon level will be less than 3.5 picocuries. If a test later comes back high within the first year, we will return promptly to correct the problem at no charge. If you are a real estate agent reading this, your clients can rest assured that we will promptly respond to every service call in a prompt, professional manner and successfully resolve the issue.


Radon Solutions realizes that "deadlines" are crucial in the Real Estate Industry. However, we don't "cut corners." Some aspects of our work have "required time periods" to meet EPA protocols. However, we are committed to do everything in our power to help meet your closing deadlines. Understand also that once you sign a mitigation system contract with us we are agreeing to "fix" the radon problem for an agreed upon amount of money and no more, (a not-to-exceed price). Unless we place a contingency in our proposal about the prospect of additional work being needed, we will FIX it for the stated price! And even if more work might be needed, we will provide the detailed breakdown of associated cost in our proposal! No "guessing" on what your final price will be! Therefore, you can have "peace of mind" that whether the installation is performed BEFORE your closing or AFTER it, we are legally bound to fix the radon problem in your home, (or we'll keep coming back at OUR expense until it is!).


You have to always weigh "price" versus the "value" you are receiving. If you are a home seller, you want a system installed that is guaranteed to successfully lower the levels previously encountered and help you sell your home. Most people don't shop their medical or dental care based on the "lowest price". If you are buyer, you want assurance that the radon levels in the home have been successfully lowered and that the system piping was installed discreetly. Everyone wants to get the best value at the lowest price-especially home sellers who must mitigate high radon levels in order to sell their home. At Radon Solutions we understand what customers want. A company that puts their best people on a job to quote it and install it. If thee boss is back at the office doing paperwork or off on another job, he can't be there to make decisions when problems arise. How many expecting mothers want their problem pregnancies diagnosed by their doctor "over the phone" because he has previous commitments. Getting the cheapest price by using entry level quoting or installation services may cost far more at closing when the buyers are dissatisfied with the way the system looks or works. Our team ensures everyone enjoys a "no regrets" closings because they chose Radon Solutions to do the job correctly.

Home sellers please note: Its important that any radon test you allow to be performed on your home be conducted by "certified" test professionals. The EPA has set up a list of protocols to follow to ensure a valid test. Unless an tester has demonstrated their knowledge of these protocols by passing a national proficiency exam, there may be things they could miss or do that could directly affect the real estate transaction OR cause you to spend money unnecessarily because their test results were temporarily skewed during the short time period their device was deployed.

"The bitterness of 'poor quality' is remembered long after the sweetness of a 'low price' is forgotten!"

Cosmetic & Aesthetics

Radon systems are not designed to beautify a home, but Radon Solutions gives great consideration to the appearance, (inside or out), of every system we install as well as its future impact on storage space and accessibility. You can be confident that our installations are "streamlined" to take up the least amount of space as is possible, are designed for maximum effectiveness AND most of all have your family's safety in mind!

Post Mitigation Follow Up Testing

Upon completion of our installation, a FREE certified" follow-up test is included in our system installations to validate that the system is performing properly and has successfully lowered the radon level as promised. Upon the test termination, we will plug in a printer to our monitor and print out the results there on the spot if you or your realtor wishes to see it. Consequently, there is no concern about the data obtained during your test of if what you later receive is yours. These results will be compiled into a "certified test report" and "signed" by our certified technician who will promptly forward you a copy! Occasionally, we have clients, for whatever reason, want to have their own "independent" testing done (that they pay for). We are happy to have the success of our installation validated by an outside source. Our only requirement is that the individual who does the test also be "certified" to conduct radon testing and uses "high count" continuous radon monitors (that collect at least 19 count/samples per hour) like we do!

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