Residential Radon Mitigation Provider

T​he National Radon Proficiency Program has developed standards for individuals who evaluate radon measurements obtained and then "design" a piping system that they are trained to install that will successfully lower the radon levels under the EPA action levels, They should also produce a written proposal of where the piping will be located, how many pipes will be necessary in the system and how they will be merged and routed to the system fan. The brand and model of fan should be mentioned and why they were chosen as well as where the pipe exiting the top of the fan will be directed and terminated. There should be a reference to what the system will cost to operate annually and if there are other things that the client might be charged for later and when? Will follow-up testing be provided in the system cost and will the individual performing it be "certified" to conduct radon testing? Reach out out to a radon mitigation provider at Radon Solutions today for residential radon mitigation service in Greenville, SC.

The installation of radon mitigation systems

The owner of our company, Stan Plowden, has been in the radon business for 30 years and on his own for just over 20 years. During that time he has worked with radon in several thousand homes , commercials buildings apartments and schools .across the upstate and into Western North Carolina. He has never had a house that he and his technicians couldn't fix!

But in order to do that, installing radon systems is NOT a "cookie cutter" work. Just like people, every house is different and each system must be "designed" for maximum efficiency by doing several things: 1) Install a system that has a "not to exceed price" and that is "guaranteed" to successfully lower your radon levels to safe numbers. 2) There must be thoughtful considerations regarding the size of the pipe used. How many floor penetrations will be needed? Will multiple pipes be merged together and how so? What "pipe route" with the system take through the house. Closets up into the attic and out the roof? Attention needs to be given to the "aesthetics" of the system. What brand/ strength of the fan will be needed to lower the radon and where will the fan be located? (Inside in the attic or installed outside against a side or back wall. they need to be merged together?

All these components are CRITICAL for a properly installed system! Simply "throwing a pipe system into a house is NO guarantee it will fix your levels. Make SURE the company you work with defines exactly WHAT they will do (in writing) and what happens if the levels are still elevated when they finish? (Will you have to pay MORE for more work?

We believe that if you a radon services company with certified professionals you should get someone out to QUOTE your job that is "certified" and will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do (in writing) to address/fix your problem. We typically include representative pictures of what your system will look like because we have done these 1,000's of times before and KNOW what must be included to successfully lower your levels. If a contractor, cant provide these simply things to you, RUN fast the other way!