Protect Your Home with Radon Detection Service

Get a radon testing inspection in Greenville, SC

Your home should be your safe place. But if elevated levels of radon are present, you could unknowingly be exposing yourself and your family to unnecessary health risks. The only way to know if you have a problem is to get it tested.

Our nationally certified technicians closely follow EPA testing protocols to ensure that your results are accurate. If elevated levels are found, as certified mitigators we can recommend a cost effective solution to successfully lower them to safe levels.

When should you schedule a radon inspection?

The best time to test for radon is to test when you have “plenty of time” and “good weather”. Most radon testing historically performed on homes is for 48 hours This the absolute minimum time the EPA allows for a test. But short-term tests are just a “snapshot” of the time period tested. Radon levels fluctuate hour by hour, day by day, week by week and month by month. Tests that are done at different time periods could vary slightly. The longer a test lasts the more accurate it is. We offer “72 hour tests” for real estate transactions (These tests include the EPA requirement of having “12 hours of closed house conditions” PRIOR to test deployment). We also offer test devices that can be deployed from a week up to several months. You live in your house year round, so you ideally want to get as close as possible to knowing what your “annual levels might be! Short term levels go up and down, whereas longer tests give you a higher degree of test integrity.

Times you might consider testing for radon:

  • You are a homeowner and have never tested your home before
  • You're planning to buy or sell a home
  • It’s been 2 years since your last test was done
  • You had your home built and it wasn’t tested prior to your closing
  • You're planning to remodel

All our testing is performed by nationally certified technicians who use a 20-point checklist to make they are done accurately by EPA testing protocols. Our results will be formatted into a report with our results and recommendations on our letterhead and forwarded to you promptly.

Take action to protect your family today! Call us to schedule a testing appointment today OR click on this LINK to provide the information you need. Radon Solutions,  864-907-7616 


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